FSB/FSE Series PM sizing press is suitable for fine sizing of bushings, heterosexual parts, tooth-shaped parts, and pulleys.

Main Functions and Characteristics

JH21 (open) and JY21 (closed) series presses based on the YADON brand are specially designed for the sizing of PM products, which are approved by authoritative Japanese technical experts.

The frame is welded with high quality steel plate, with standardized heat treatment process and precision machining, to achieve good rigidity;

The slider is guided on six sides, with long and high precision guide rail, to prolong the service life of the mold.

Dry pneumatic friction clutch, of low noise and convenient maintenance.

Hydraulic overload protection device, and overload automatic emergency stop, to protect the safety of the press and mold, easy to operate.

Grease lubrication system, with oil circuit alarm function to ensure the smooth operation of the press.

PLC electric centralized control, with emergency stop, inching, single operation, and continuous operation.

Optional devices include photoelectric protection, transmission output shaft, turntable feeding, and automatic feeding.

The mold base is equipped with upper-1-lower-1 structure as standard, which can also be customized for complex products.

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