Dry powder compacting and forming for powder metallurgy, precision ceramics, cemented carbide, magnetic materials and diamond, especially for compacting and forming products with multi-step and complex shape.

Main Functions and Characteristics

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High precision, high efficiency and high strength press controlled by mechanical, electrical, gas and liquid with crank connecting rod mechanism.

The frame is welded with high-strength steel plate, with stable structural toughness, good mechanical rigidity, high precision and stable quality;

The draw-out position of the formed products is null point, and the adjustment of each part does not interfere with each other;

The final pressurization is adjusted independently to facilitate the adjustment of the density of each step of the product;

Each adjusting part is equipped with digital display and fine-adjusting function.

Capability of middle mold and mandrel step forming.

Mold base of middle mold floating, can be equipped with upper-1-lower 1, upper-1-lower-2, upper-2-lower-3 and upper-2-lower 4 structure. For complex components, customized mold base is available.

The use of touch screen control improves the convenience and user-friendliness of operation. Various fault displays are intuitive and easy to understand, which can be convenient to clear the trouble and maintain.

Real-time pressure display, to monitor the change trend of product quality during production, and effectively prevent defects.

The forming speed is controlled by the frequency converter, which can be stepless speed regulation;

Combined pneumatic clutch brake and Japan TACO special solenoid valve are adopted for fast response speed and high safety;

The press has stable performance and good reliability.

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